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Czech Republic

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The VOG s.r.o. has its headquarters in Strančice. Just like its parent corporation’s the main focus is on classic import and sale of products to retails and wholesales. The VOG Strančice distributes food and non-food products and runs its own packing plant for dried fruit as well as a bottling plant for frying oil. Both, “RAPSO – 100% pure rapeseed oil” and all the wines from the winery Lenz Moser are produced by the VOG-Group. The latter being exclusively manufactured in Austria (from raw materials to the end product).

After the ground work for the foundation of the company had been laid out in 1993, the VOG s.r.o. was entered into the commercial register on the 16.02.1994. Offices and warehouse were initially rented in the Voctářova Street in Prag 8.

In 1996 the installation of a warehouse with a capacity of 3,000 pallets, a packing plant and offices was started in Strančice. In the spring of 1997 the VOG s.r.o. moved into the new premises and first deliveries started in May 1997.

In July 2000 the construction of a second warehouse with a capacity of another 10,000 pallets was started. It was officially opened on the 31.05.2001. VOG s.r.o. now has storage capacity of 13,000 pallets on a storage area of 8,400m² and a built-up area of 15,400m². The company premises extend across a property of 40,000m².

VOG s.r.o. currently employs a total of 35, 16 of them work in administration, 19 in the warehouses and packing plants.

VOG s.r.o. is IFS (Food and Logistics) and BIO certified and is proud to maintain successful Tesco Audits since 2011.