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about us

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“Serving the trade since 1916”

This motto has been part of several anniversary brochures of the VOG and has still not become outdated.

The VOG was founded during the war, in 1916, as an answer to the deprovations suffered in Austria. The house survived the Stock Market Crash, the difficulties of the Second World War, the problems of the post-war years and the enormous changes which marked the last decades of the twentieth century.

Not many Austrian trading houses are able to look back on a past that would be so long, or so varied.

The VOG group could develop in such successful way due to its adaptability and flexibility to changing priorities of both trade and consumers.

"Trade means change" is not a superficial slogan, it stands for lived reality. The VOG group has always been anxious to make use of changes in economic or social circumstances to strengthen its position in the market. Today, the VOG is represendted in 6 central European countries covering a market inhabited by around 150 million people. This potential is a great advantage when dealing wirh our partners at home and abroad. The strategy was successful, in 2016 about 43% of our turnover was derived from foreign trade. On that basis the VOG group has taken suitable steps to secure its future development in a rapidly changing world characterized by globalization.

Today the products and brands of the VOG group hold a serious position on the shelves of our central European customers.